Blog 3

Blog 3

For headings use Heading 3 (#313131 - Dark Grey)

For body use Paragraph (#525252 - Medium Grey)

For links (#f37934 - WFD Orange or #000000 - Black)

300 - 500 words is a good target length

Same general problem / solution format as the newsletter with more details and quotes from trusted sources. The CTA is to subscribe to the newsletter. 

In the SEO preview add your eye catching headline with a keyword. For now, that will be either the title of a product we sell, a service we offer or a trending topic seafood buyers are interested in. The description needs to read like a description - ie: not just a list of keywords - however should expand on the topic covered and most importantly you should craft it knowing that most people skim and you want to catch their attention. 

If there's a product associated with blog post add that in TAGS. 

Add a relevant image with ALT TAG (very short description of the image)

Atlantic Pollock - Sold Out

Make sure you list yourself as the author and for now keep the Blog setting to News. 

Add a short except. Set visibility date. Preview at the top. 


Category Headline 1

Quick sell copy goes here that makes me want to read!


Category Headline 2

Quick sell copy goes here that makes me want to read!

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