Day Boat Seafood - Sustainable Tuna from the USA

Day Boat Seafood was established in 2006 by lifelong anglers and longtime friends, Howard Bubis and Scott Taylor who saw sustainable commercial fishing as a way of life. Day Boat Seafood operates their own fleet of longline vessels allowing for full traceability. Longline-caught albacore from the U.S. Atlantic is rated a Good Alternative by Seafood Watch.

What is longline-caught?

Longlines are the most common type of fishing gear used to catch tuna. As the name suggests, it consists of a long line with multiple baited hooks and buoys marking each end of the line. The longline set can be suspended at any depth within the water column, depending on the target species. In the United States, fishermen are required to follow a number of strict regulations to prevent incidentally catching marine mammals, sea turtles, and birds.

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