Sustainable Blue Salmon Farm

Sustainable Blue is a groundbreaking, land-based aquaculture facility and one of the first of its kind in North America to sustainably farm fish in the safest manner possible. The result of 13 years of hard work and innovation by founder Dr. Jeremy Lee and CEO Kirk Havercroft, Sustainable Blue raises fish in closed saltwater tanks which eliminates the chance of escapes, recirculates 98% of its water, and has minimal impact on the environment. 

Located just inland from the Cogmagun River in Nova Scotia, Canada, Sustainable Blue's proprietary systems and processes replicate the best possible conditions of the ocean and allow salmon to be raised in a disease-free environment, eliminating the need for antibiotics. 

In this closed system, the water in the tanks is double filtered and recycled, conserving this precious natural resource and providing a constant source of clean water for the fish. Additionally, all of the organic effluent is stored on land and will eventually be used for agricultural fertilizer.

Sustainable Blue salmon are fed a GMO-free diet.

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